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Art ennobles scale, materials and technique.

Art transcends matter.

The monumental artwork is not great.

The small format is superior.

The artwork made of gold is not priceless.

The simple charcoal drawing delights us.

The virtuosism is tedious.

The unfinished artwork is fascinating.

Art is not discourse.

Art is not mercadory.

Art is universal beauty that awakens the universal in us.

Art is transcendence.  



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Ricardo CarranzaRicardo Carranza 

 Ricardo Carranza, Poet, writer, and painter.

Publications in National Competition Anthologies – Scortecci, SESC DF, Literature Magazine - CULT, and Poetry and Literature sites – Zunái, Stéphanos, Germina, Cult - Literary Workshop, Mallarmargens. Books of Poetry published: Sexteto, Author's Edition, SP, 2010; A Flor Empirica, Author's Edition, SP, 2011; Dramas, Editora G&C Arquitectônica Ltda., SP, 2012. Unpublished Poetry Books – Sebo 2009-2016; Suns, 2014-2018; Pastiche, 2016, – partially published in Germina magazine. Sand Ovary 2009-2018; Memorial da Mundanidade 2018. Books of Unpublished Tales: The comedy of errors, 2011/2018 – pre-selected for the SESC Literature Award 2018; Anachronisms, 2015/2018. The Village. 2016/2017. Christmas. 2016/2017. Unpublished novel: A Sociedade de Cascas, 2017/2018. Cadernos de Insônia (58): sketches of poetry, short stories, reflections, critical theory, thorns, dreams, fragments... since 2009.


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